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Chic Bijoux


Servicii: Digital Strategy, Campanii PPC, Email Marketing



Our involvement in this project meant doing a , that would help us better understand the situation our client had at that moment, but also one that can offer valuable information regarding the starting points that would take the project to the next level. We finished the analysis with a number of recommendations which, after being talked over with our client, became the base of our planning and online strategy of Chic Bijoux.

In this stage, we separated each online communication channel that was used, settled on the action course that needed to be taken for each of those channels and discovered new channels that could be used to communicate. The planning stage meant setting clear and measurable objectives and creating a timeline for implementing them.

Next, we had a talk with our client in order to present and explain all the steps that had to be taken in order to use the strategy we created and obtain the results that we set in our objectives. We were there for the client as the changes were being made, offering advice and best practices where needed. At the moment we handle the email marketing and PPC campaigns in their name.