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We start by analyzing the needs and finding solutions. We plan everything with punctuality and stick to the plans. We monitor and enjoy the results with you!

Digital Strategy

Analysis • Planning • Implementation • Measurement

Direction? Costs? Competitors? Results? If you want to know all the aspects within the communication of your business, you need a well developed online environment approach strategy, folded on your needs and focused on results. Its goal is to help you identify which trends to follow, where to be present and how to reach your clients. A digital strategy helps you optimize costs and budgets, to know your competitors, to discover the direction of the market and to understand the behavior of your target audience.

Web Development

Wordpress • PrestaShop • WooCommerce • Magento • HTML

To be present within the online environment is no longer just an option. Whether you want a presentation website or an online shop, we develop paltforms customized on your needs and business, based on a market research. Be more close to your customers and help them inform about you at any time. The creative and maintenance costs are low, this being an accesible promotion method, and yet one that has a powerful and efficent impact.


Online Marketing

Facebook • Google+ • Twitter • Pinterest • Youtube • LinkdIn • Instagram • Affiliate marketing • Content Marketing

High quality marketing should have an important role within your business development strategy. We use online marketing techniques designed to increase your brand awareness so that your potential customers to become real ones. To acheive this goal, we adapt your online communication to different mediums, in order to maximize your conversion rate and to obtain the results you desire. After all, ignoring online marketing is like opening a business and not telling anyone about it

PPC Campaigns

Google Adwords • Remarketing • Facebook Ads • Instagram Ads

The PPC Campaigns (pay per click) mean that you will only pay when your customer clicks your advertisement. We manage the Google and Facebook campaigns, with exact data from Google AdWords and Facebook Insights, which show the cost per click, the number of clicks within a month, the demographic performances and the impressions of the advertisement. This way, you can observe the impact of the campaign and the benefits it brings to you in real time.


SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Optimization • Implementation • Measurement

You certainly often hear about the SEO acronym. Your competitors use this service to reach the highest position within the organic results on Google or Bing. But why shouldn’t you be in a more advanced position than they are? We can help you rank within the first results with your site and, this way, to reduce you online promotion costs, while we ensure that your potential customers find out about you before anyone else

Email Marketing

Mailchimp • Email Marketing • Newsletter

Over time, you clients gave you important information about themselves. One of those is their personal email address. Why not use this advantage? A well thought email cand always generate a high conversion rate and happy clients who receive the latest news right in their inbox. We create email marketing campaigns based on your needs and on the features of your target audience. The low costs and the powerful impact are a couple of benefits that you should take advantage of

email marketing

Marketing consultancy

A marketing consultant provides support for your team, depending on the need of your business. Makes a plan, defines SMART goals, creates, implements, optimizes and develops essential components of your brand.You don`t know what a strong brand can do on the market or what results you can obtain with the budget allocated to different actions? Choose the services of a marketing consultant and you and your team will benefit from support to help you reach your target.


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