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Lol et Lola Hotel is an accommodation unit with an unusual concept, located in Cluj-Napoca. For this project, there were valuable contributions from many specialists in design, web content, concept and web development, who formed a team together and brought the business to life.

We, the team at Klain, made our contribution through the implementation of the website, as interactive and easy to use as possible. Presentation pages were built for every single room, in order to highlight the unicity of each of them, with the posibility to book it from inside the page.

The website is built on a WordPress platform, on a full-width wireframe, which can adapt to the majority of devices, mobile or desktop.

Within the website, we built an „Offers” section, which allows our client to add various recurring offers, through which discounts or promotional prices are given, but we also built a blog section, where the client can publish useful articles for the tourists.